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Jul 26, 2023

This week, Sarah interviewed Ahmed Al-Kadri they talked about jetlag, cuddling, NYC vs LA, sex toys, bombing, and more! Follow Ahmed on IG @Ahmedlovesbread and TikTok @Ahmedlovesbread

Sarah has a big show at Edinburgh Fringe Fest - more info here - Awake and Narcoleptic.

Watch the video version here!

Sleeping with...

Jul 19, 2023

This week Sarah had Ian Abramson in her bed! They talked about insomnia, narcolepsy theater, winning a wedding on the internet, what a dog shock collar feels like, and who the most annoying historical figures are! 

Follow Ian on Instagram @ianabramsons and Twitter @ianabramson and visit his website for...

Jul 12, 2023

This week, Sarah interviewed Emily Browning. They talked about everything from mushrooms to religion to sex magic and polyamory and more! Follow Emily on Instagram @emilybrowntown and TikTok @emilybrowntown, she also has a show, Skims at the Elysian Theater on July 29th.

Watch the full episode on youtube here. 


Jul 5, 2023

This week, Sarah interviewed Aaron Branch. They talked about night terrors, being a comedy major, hoarding, positivity, and his experience on Netflix's Unstable. Follow Aaron Branch: IG: @aaronbranchworld Tiktok: @branchboycomedy Twitter: @aaronbranchwrld

Watch the video of the episode here

Sleeping with Sarah is a...