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Oct 26, 2016


Sarah and comedian Brandi Denise hop into bed and talk about childhood mischief, creating solo shows, the perception of “crazy” women and more! You can follow Brandi on Twitter and Instagram at @LOLBrandiDenise and catch her regularly at the Laugh Factory Chicago. Her solo show, “I’m not crazy, I just love...

Oct 19, 2016

Sarah has comedian Steven King (aka Steezus) in her bed. They talk about catholic guilt, getting started in comedy, pixar, friendships and how Steezus came to be. You can follow Steven on twitter @Steezus_christ and catch him in LA on Oct. 19th at 8pm for “Steezus: The Life of Papa John” at the Comedy Central Stage...

Oct 12, 2016

Sarah and comedian Xavier Lamont (XL) got into bed and talked about dreams, luck vs. hard work, hysteria, feminism and nerded out talking about books. You can follow XL on twitter @XLComedy or instagram @XLComedyShow and catch him at the WIP Theater in Chicago on Saturday, Oct. 15th. Also visit his website: 

Oct 5, 2016

Jake and Sarah get into bed and talk about not being able to sleep, creating new forms of improv and living with significant others. Jake has a podcast called Lights Out: The Bat Podcast. You can follow Jake on Twitter @JakeDewarComedy and checkout his Youtube:

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