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Oct 28, 2020

This week Sarah interviewed comedian and writer Jay Light. They talked about sleepwalking, weird holidays, releasing an album during quarantine, break rooms, MasterChef Jr., and more!

Please buy Jay’s album "Good Guy with a Gun" on and check out his podcast, Blockbusting. And follow him on Instagram and Twitter...

Oct 15, 2020

This week Sarah interviewed comedian, actor, and podcaster Anastasia Washington. They talked about being a child actor, how to combat insomnia, cancel culture, and they both nerd out on their comic con experiences.

Follow Anastasia on Twitter @AnastasiaW and Instagram @AnastasiaWash. Purchase tickets for her...

Oct 7, 2020

This week Sarah interviewed Alex Hooper (America's Got Talent, Roast Battle). They talked about meditation, AGT, Burning Man, conquering fears, mushrooms, and more!

Follow Alex on Twitter and Instagram @Hooperhairpuff and check out his website 

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