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Dec 20, 2019

This week Sarah interviewed comedian Mateen Stewart. They talked about Detroit, finding humor in death, ghosts, roommates, 9/11, comic books and more!

You can catch Mateen Stewart on Nat Geo's upcoming show Brain Games and Comedy Dynamics Coming to the Stage. Follow Mateen on Instagram and Twitter @MateenStewart.

Sleeping with Sarah podcast Episode 97 Mateen Stewart Sarah Albritton

Dec 6, 2019

Sarah had comedian Aidan Park in her bed. They talked about moving from South Korea to the US, Narcolepsy, robots, theater, secrets, and more! 

Follow Aidan on Instagram and Twitter: @AidanParkShow and check out his podcast What to Do Show with the Laugh Factory. 

Aidan Park and Sarah Albritton in bed for Sleeping with Sarah podcast episode 96

Sleeping with Sarah is a podcast where comedian and...