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May 25, 2016

Geoffrey Asmus and Sarah talk about bed wetting, the worst place on earth, wikipedia and art. 

Onstage Geoffrey Asmus likes talking about his adult bed-wetting and that one first date where he went bird-watching. Geoffrey’s grotesquely self-aware sense of humor has been heard all over the country in the Bridgetown, Limestone, Boston, and Cleveland comedy festivals. Geoffrey won Comedy on State’s “Funniest Person in Madison 2015” and Penguins Comedy Club’s “Funniest Person in Iowa 2015” and was a finalist in the 2015 Cleveland Comedy Festival. Follow him on Twitter

Sleeping with Sarah is a podcast where comedian and narcoleptic, Sarah Albritton interviews people in her bed. They talk about sleep, dreams, comedy, life and whatever else comes up. You can follow Sarah on twitter:@sarahalbritton or visit her website or Music by Josh Bryant. You can view the video version of the podcast on Sarah's Youtube channel.