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Apr 13, 2016

Sarah and Jeff talk about video games, tattoos, living in Detroit and almost having threesomes. Jeff Arcuri is a Chicago comedian and regular at The Laugh Factory, The Comedy Bar and Zanies Comedy Clubs. You can catch him every Wednesday on Supply & Demand at The Laugh Factory Chicago at 8pm. Follow him on Twitter: @JeffArcurious, Instagram: @jarcuri and check out his website for future shows:

Jeff has since performed on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Sleeping with Sarah is a podcast where comedian and narcoleptic, Sarah Albritton interviews people in her bed. They talk about sleep, comedy, and relationships. Visit for more information. You can follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahalbritton & Twitter:@sarahalbritton or visit her at Music by Josh Bryant. You can view the video version of the podcast on Sarah's Youtube channel.